Thursday, 10 November 2011

Damn Love

Isn't it funny how almost whole of the world revolves around this one word - LOVE !

Like, seriously, people can be as manipulative and selfish as they want to be, but the truth is, we all want some loving. I don't know a single female who can watch a sappy love story and not feel the buzzing sensation in her stomach. Or some gone-cases like me end up crying !
Love makes the world go round. Fact !

But its not called damn love for nothing.
I cant even begin writing about the problems that this thing causes, because of the sheer volume of the possible issues it creates. Every single guy/girl has a different heartache. Every committed couple encounters a unique set of problems. 
Women are emotional fools, hung up on huge expectations which may never get fulfilled, hopelessly believing that a knight in a shining armor will sweep them off their feet someday, and life will be a blissful fairy tale that day forth.
Sheer nonsense !
But who am I to comment. I am one of those hopeless romantic women who dream of the perfect man.
Like most eccentric girls, i too have a checklist of an Ideal Guy.
Yes i am a romantic.
But i  don't believe in love anymore.
Or do i ?
I don't know !
This is one conflicted topic i keep battling myself.
Then again, its just my first post. Its just a beginning.
The chronicles of damn love shall be revisited time and again.
After all, what is life, if its not about love?
And what is love if its not complete insanity ?

The Rain Dance

Ever since I woke up this morning, it has been raining. What a wonderful day it is !
There is nothing more magical than rain.
Every sense can be heightened by it, every emotion magnified!

If I'm happy, rainfalls make me even happier, wanting to dance in the rain and enjoy the freshness of the wind blowing through my hair. The gentle breeze, mixed with the aroma of the earth ! Nothing can be more relaxing than that ! 
There's something so charming about the rain that no one can quite explain !

ts a companion of sorrow, can wash away the tears...

Its fun-filled and child-like. Pitter-patter, splash and jump ! 

Its romantic. Walking in the rain with your loved one is one of those precious moments of life that money cant buy !

Its passionate. Because who doesnt love getting kissed in the rain ? ;)

Its so many things in one. I dont know if it has that kind of impact on everyone, but rain sure does it for me. Rainfalls almost instantly bring me closer to nature, and closer to myself. An introspection ritual begins as the rain starts. And I'm always left smiling during monsoons. Because its hard to not feel at complete ease when it rains. Its nature's own tranquilizer !

I dream of having the perfect dance with the one I love ( if I ever find that someone, that is :P ). Drenched, hand-in-hand, trying to waltz in the pouring rain... 
Expensive dates can go to hell ! I'd rather have romantic dates dancing in the rain and feeling alive !!

Alive ! Yes, thats how I feel when it rains !
So alive !!
Its like the perfect weather, when the whole world seems so beautiful, that nothing can mess up the harmony ! 
And after the rainfall subsides, the surroundings become clearer. So does our perspective on situations. 
Its a magic trick, the blissful rain !
Hail, Rain Gods ! :)

There's a quote i read somewhere : 
" Be strong now. Things will get better. 
It might be stormy now. But it cant rain forever. " 

Though i love the base meaning of the quote, but i dont like the fact that rains are mostly associated with bad timings. 
The quote that i'd rather quote is : 
" When its raining, it can't be anything bad " ;)